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Welcome to the Munchies World department of Oddhobby’s WeirdStore!

Oddhobby was founded in the late 1980′s and the Weirdstore was created in the early 1990′s and has being serving The Odd on the Internet since 2002.

Weirdstore.com is being slowly rebuilt. Until it’s finished, we’re in “seasonal mode”.

We have an excellent reputation given to us by not just customers and eBay, but by fans (The Foo) and the artists and writers, who worked for the Oddhobby e-Zine back in the day.

For questions and orders outside of the US, please contact us:



Twitter:  @weirdstore

Facebook:  weirdstore

Usenet (now called Google Groups):  alt.fan.weird-store


Our old fanclub (not dead, just in hibernation): TheFoo.com

eat-a-bug.com  (closed for remodeling)



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Oddhobby is a registered trademark of JHLMC, Inc.








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