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 Urine: Good Health

   A documentary that convincingly promotes the drinking of one’s own urine!

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You’d be surprised at how compelling their argument is. 

Did you know urine is used to make drugs? 
Did you know that doctors used to taste a patient’s urine to see if the patient had certain ailments?

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“Hole In The Head”

A very gruesome documentary about trepanation


A documentary about  trepanation:   the practice of drilling a hole in one’s head in order to facilitate
a higher level of consciousness.


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If after watching this video you feel the overwhelming desire to experience trepanation, please stop and consider how horrible an infection in your brain would be!

Consider the phrase “fortunately, we stopped the infection before it reached his brain”  So, the risk of infection alone is reason enough NOT to try this yourself. 

If you really need this done, go to a plastic surgeon – it’s done in Mexico and other countries.  


Also note that several of the Medical Doctors interviewed for this video, said, in so many words, that trepanation is not worth the trouble (or risk). 

Maybe you should spend your time and effort trying to get cannabis legalized, and leave your poor skull alone.


the back cover of the hole in the head documentary video

FYI, Sorry, there are no returns on videos.


LOL, soon no one will be able to play these! 
If you have a VCR why not help us out and  make these the last videos you watch?

No Refunds On Videos

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